Liv and WYLD 

You are Loved.   You are Beautiful. 

You are Strong.   You are Confident.

You are a Leader.   You are True.

Medical grade skincare products, for patients, made simple.

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The LivPride

This pack is for any women patient out there. It includes products that I use myself and always recommend to my patients. I will send you a selection of different products each month, mixing up what you get, to keep your routine fresh. Typical products you'll get are, a dermal cleanser, a face scrub, an eye cream, a serum, and  more. You'll also find some other goodies mixed in each month. Don't forget to check out my instruction videos on social media!

The WYLDPack 

I created this pack with my husband, Jacob, in mind. He was always using my products, not even really knowing how or if he should. So I created the WYLDPack. I wanted to make it easy for men to get my recommended products and I'll even show them how to use them...or maybe Jacob will! Each month you'll get a new set of products to keep you interested in having a routine. Typical products you'll see are, a dermal cleaner, a face scrub, an Spf, a face lotion, after shave balms, and whatever else Leslie comes up with.


Coming soon! 

The LivBela  

Because we know how important it is to develop your OWN personal style and techniques, so we want to give you more than just the same products all the time. We created the LivBela to allow patients to sample all sorts of products that you won't find just anywhere. We want you to be yourself and to  LIVWYLD!!!!  This is going to be such a FUN treat to receive each month. You'll find all sorts of other goodies hidden inside too!!!

The BreakOut 

If you've got problems with your skin and you need to show it some real LOVE or maybe your teenager is dealing with some acne and you want to give them the best care you can. This facial repair kit is designed to give your face the skincare routine it deserves. 

The FreeVan

If you want to be super clean about what products you use. I've made a kit for that as well. Filled with only the cleanest most sensitive products you find a whole new world for your skin. 

Help us make an Impact! 

The HopeBox 

We so proud to be partnered with such a wonderful group of women at ,AND NOW SHE RISES! Together we are helping women who have fallen victim to domestic abuse, to rise up and move forward, by giving them something to support them when they are at their lowest. Each box is filled with essentials, beauty products, and goodies. We also include a message of Hope, handwritten by us (or you), to the recipient of the box. For every box purchased we donate a HopeBox to someone in need.

About Liv and WYLD

I wanted to give my patients the best advice for keeping their new look fresh. I always tell them that a lot can be done with a simple routine at home. I always give recommendations to them for products to try, but there are so many to choose from, and price isn't always an indication of quality.
So I decided to create a way to take the guesswork out of deciding which products to use. I put together a monthly subscription box, with products that are hand picked by me, with options for my different types of patients. Each month you will get a new set of products with a new focus for the month. I even have how to videos of me or my husband using the products. 
I'll only give you the products that I use myself and recommend to all of my patients. I also wanted to make it affordable for everyone so I am creating several different levels of product lines. Which will be coming out later this year. It will be a fun surprise for you each month to see what I come up with for products and goodies. I'll have several different types of product lines rolling out soon for a variety of different ages, skin types, and preferences.
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Love the Creid

We believe in Loving ourselves no matter what. We believe in showing our true colors, inside and out. Its by loving ourselves that we feel confident to do anything and to look how we want to look. It's not about comparing yourself to others, its about being you. Anything can be beautiful, if you choose to see it that way. Don't ever let anyone tell you, you care too much about your outer apperance. If wearing a lot of makeup and going all out with your outfit and hair is your thing, DO IT!  If wearing no makeup  and feeling comfortable is your thing, THEN DO IT! For us it's about Loving ourselves and others, and living life to the fullest.  Love the Creid

Ryet the Norm

We believe in being bold and standing up for yourself, no matter what the status quo says. We become stronger when we believe in ourself and understand what true beauty is. No matter what life throws at you keep going, don't ever stop. You'll get tired if you don't have discipline in your routine. This is SO TRUE! We beleive that our body is a temple and that we must take care of it at a high level if we want to live life at a high level. This means all aspects of your health and wellness. For us its helping others understand the importance of their skin and the healthy habits that support it. Don't just do what others tell you, be BOLD, by giving yourself what you deserve. Ryet the Norm

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