What is the Aesthetic Mastermind?

The Aesthetic Mastermind is a comprehensive aesthetic business building block that can help you revitalize, incentivize and streamline your practice so that you can stop working IN this business and start watching it work FOR you.


Aesthetic Providers are experts in the beauty industry but not in business. You are talented, motivated, and driven but you don't have the business knowledge necessary to build your own practice or become an entrepreneur. If this sounds like you, read on because your life and business are about to change in the most wonderful way.

The Aesthetic Mastermind will provide you with priceless tools. 


The Aesthetic Mastermind is all about COMMUNITY, GROWTH, IMPACT, and ACCOUNTABILITY.

You can have all of the business know-how in the world but without like-minded, driven providers to love you and hold you accountable, you can only go so far.

You’re going to want to be a part of this amazing group of aesthetic entrepreneurs because the strategy and collaboration will help you achieve all of your wildest dreams!


The Aesthetic Mastermind will provide you with ALL of the knowledge and expertise it takes to run a highly profitable, high-performing aesthetic practice.

  • [1 Year] Access to the Aesthetic Creator Mastermind
  • [2] Community Calls per Month with Leslie Lee, RN & Christina Smith
  • [2] Exclusive Elite Meetups per Year with Top Tier Speakers covering: 
    • Sales & Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Tax Strategy, Business Expansion, Mindset… and more!
  • Access to our Closed Community on Facebook to engage with other members, ask questions and get answers from your dedicated trainers.
  • Access to Expert Advice from Leading Aesthetic and Business Industry Professionals
  • Access the Opportunity for Hands-on Training for exclusive procedures including: 
    • Immortal Facial CBD with Micro-Needling
    • ImmortalGold CBD used with AquaGold System 
    • Immortal Lift Juvederm-Voluma-Lyft / Hyaluronic-Acid filler mixed with CBD and injected into the facial for lift 
    • Immortal Kiss Hyaluronic-Acid Filler with CBD injected into the lips for a fuller look without the inflammation
    • Immortal Tox Neurotoxin (aka Botox/Dysport) with CBD to help with a quicker onset and longer results
  • [BONUS] Access to the Aesthetic Provider Online Video Course: Watch advanced video tutorials with legal advice, strategies to run your business successfully and more ($997 Value) 
    • Step 1: Medical Directors + Relationships
    • Step 2: Medical Clinic Medical Spa + Independent Contractor
    • Step 3: Business Structure + Taxes
    • Step 4: Legal + Business Set-Up
    • Step 5: Malpractice Insurance
    • Step 6: Growth + Self Care
  • [BONUS] 2020 Policy & Procedure Manual ($1297 Value)



+ Plus...

  • [1x Monthly] Mastermind Group call for growth, accountability, impact, and more importantly, a chance to ask the group for whatever you need in order to keep your business growing!
  • A quarterly accountability partner.
  • [BONUS] Celebrity Entrepreneur calls with Q&A to further grow your business.

If this sounds intriguing to you, then I’ve got news that is worth the price of admission alone.

The AESTHETIC Mastermind provides innovative and necessary information and strategies unique to the aesthetic industry.

The AESTHETIC Mastermind will help you create a community to help you develop your skills, stay focused, impact your patients, and become more confident in the aesthetic world. 

The AESTHETIC Mastermind is a group of hand-selected providers signing up for collaboration and accountability. 

It is our responsibility to help each person grow in their abilities and to be the best provider for their patients.

Providers who are a part of AESTHETIC Mastermind want to elevate their practices, improve the lives of their patients, create a lifestyle for themselves, and positively impact as many people as possible.




The AESTHETIC Mastermind membership includes all of our online courses to help you jumpstart your practice before we even meet.

As part of becoming a member in the Aesthetic Mastermind, we will donate a HopeBox, in your name, to a woman in need with the intention to uplift and empower her.  

Join the Aesthetic Mastermind Now


Aesthetic Mastermind?

The work is done for you when you enroll in AESTHETIC Mastermind. AESTHETIC Mastermind is a comprehensive roadmap for running a high-performing aesthetic business. No learning curve. No heavy lifting. It’s simply all of the information and support you need to help you and your business grow. 

As a successful aesthetic entrepreneur myself, I believe that everyone has the right to an abundant lifestyle, but with that, comes the responsibility to help others enjoy the same.

This mastermind will give you every tool you need to be unapologetically successful. It will increase your community and outlook on the aesthetic industry. This exclusive tribe will have access to celebrity entrepreneurs, experts in business and sales, and brand new, cutting-edge ideas. Best of all, you’ll feel more support than you’ve ever experienced before. If you’re ready to be a part of a different type of “family”,  take the first step and apply. This membership is limited to a small number of individuals, for the sake of personalized attention, so act quickly.

The magic happens when the entire tribe is invested in one another's success. Each member offers up their unique skill sets and experience in order to make YOUR business grow! Imagine being able to collaborate with all of the experts you wished you could hire? That’s a Mastermind!

Individually, everyone can help someone on a small scale, but with the right tribe, we can change the world.

- Chris Harder, For the Love of Money 

Meet Leslie Lee
Master Creator, RN, Beauty Guru & Entrepreneur

I am a firm believer that we’re all unique. And with our  unique qualities, we can make an impact on the world around us—that means YOU too!

Along with being a Registered Nurse, living in Southern Minnesota, I’m also an imperfect mom of four, a wife, and a recovering control freak. As a successful RN in the aesthetic industry, I have helped hundreds of patients bring their inward beauty outward through modern aesthetic techniques.

My success has brought questions, from both women and men, with a similar vision for their business: “How did you get started and how can I build my business with the same success?!”. 

I have spent over six figures on masterminds and 10's of thousands of dollars on trainings. I know what it takes to invest in yourself. 

It comes down to two very important words: IMPACT  and EDUCATION.

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