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Start your business or grow your practice. Receive training in the cutting edge techniques that set you apart. Deliver unparalleled services to your patients. Gain the skills and strategies to take you to the next level as an Aesthetic Provider.

A career in the aesthetic field gives you the opportunity to impact your patients and build relationships that are more than skin deep. Providing healthcare is one of the most rewarding professions out there. When you lead a career in aesthetics, you are empowered to help patients enjoy the freedom to feel beautiful at any age.

Who is the AestheticBox for?

If you’re a nurse or other healthcare professional, The AestheticBox is for you! If you’re tired of working long shifts for little hourly pay, missing milestones with your family, or just want to find success in an extremely rewarding field, then you’re in the right place.

What’s in the Box?

When your box is delivered, you’ll have all the tools you need to start maximizing your impact and your business.

Get everything you need to start injecting, except Botox and filler.

Possible places to order include Amazon, Henry Schein, McKesson, Total Diabetes Supply among others.

For Botox

Botulinum toxin type A is an injectable neurotoxin, known under brand names such as Botox Cosmetic®, Dysport® and Xeomin®.

  • Alcohol Prep Pads 
  • 1ml syringe with a 26G or 27G needle (if you mix 1:1)

For Botox Reconstitution

  • 3ml Syringe with 22 Gauge x 1in Safety Syringes  
  • Sodium Chloride Injection .9% Bacteriostatic Solution 
  •  BD Ultra Fine Insulin Syringes (short needle) 31 Gauge 5/16” (8mm)  DERMAL 
  • 2x2 or 4x4 Soft Gauze
  • Gloves
  • Facial Wipes
  • Kebby Decapper

For Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers

Dermal filler products come with needles.

  • BD 30 Gauge ½ inch Needles
  • BD 27 Gauge 1 inch Needles  
  • BD 25 Gauge 1 inch Needles
  • 2x2 or 4x4 Soft Gauze
  • Gloves
  • Facial Wipes

Access to the Aesthetic Provider Course

Make your work, work for you! Take your career as an Aesthetic Provider to the next level.

The Aesthetic Provider course is a video course that delivers a tremendous amount of information ranging from advanced video tutorials to legal advice, to the strategies you need to get your business up and running. 

Get access to a private Facebook group of other Aesthetic Providers and experts with a direct line to your trainer Leslie Lee, a dedicated industry professional who is on a mission to help you take charge of your career, and your life.

  • Step 1: Medical Directors + Relationships
  • Step 2: Medical Clinic Medical Spa + Independent Contractor
  • Step 3: Business Structure + Taxes
  • Step 4: Legal + Business Set-Up
  • Step 5: Malpractice Insurance
  • Step 6: Growth + Self Care

Meet Leslie Lee, RN

Leslie Lee is a Registered Nurse and Aesthetic Provider who has helped thousands of women to look and feel their best. Her desire to help others is also what led her to start Aesthetic Creator, where she helps busy and burned out healthcare professionals transform their lives by launching their own aesthetic practices. She is on a mission to help people feel their absolute best, and train other professionals to do the same! Trained by the best providers in the world, Leslie educates and empowers other providers with her coaching, comprehensive courses, and connected online community. Leslie has been trained by the best in the industry and wants to train you to be your best!

High-Competency in the following services

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic 
  • Dysport®
  • Xeomin®
  • Lasers including BBL/IPL, Pixel, Halo® 
  • Skin Tightening lasers
  • Ultherapy®
  • Juvederm® Family of Fillers
  • Restylane® Family of Fillers
  • Sculptra® (face and body)
  • SkinPen® 
  • HydraFacial®


  • Advanced Botox and Dermal Fillers Certified
  • Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels Certified
  • Laser Technician Certified
  • Hydrafacials Certified
  • Ulthera Certified
  • Skin Pen Certified
  • Ultrashape Certified
  • PRP Certified
  • Sculptra Certified

Begin Your Career in Aesthetics with the Confidence to Succeed

Take the next step in your career in healthcare with the AestheticBox, and the Aesthetic Provider Course to achieve a true work-life balance (seriously!). As an Aesthetic Provider, you have the opportunity to lead a fulfilling career and help people gain the freedom to feel beautiful at any age.

Empower Yourself to Maximize Your Impact on Others

Find Happiness in Your Career and Grow Your Business


How It Works?

Everything You Need to Start Injecting:

    • When you purchase your AestheticBox, you will receive the box in the mail, get access to the Aesthetic Provider course, as well as entry to Leslie Lee’s private Facebook community of other dedicated healthcare professionals.

Give One, Get One:

    • In partnership with And Now She Rises with each purchase, a HopeBox will be donated to a woman affected by domestic violence.
    • Each box includes a personal note or story from a woman who overcame her struggles as a way to relate and inspire your HopeBox Recipient.


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Access to Aesthetic Provider Course

Access to Private Facebook group of Aesthetic professionals

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