The Basics you need to know about Laser Skin Treatments!

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Humans will always pursuit beauty; we want to look good, healthy and with a youth aspect. However, many people should know that esthetical procedures are not about eternal youth but the harmony of your factions, symmetries, good quality of the skin, and a harmonic facial oval.

    Think that receiving one of these treatments is related to aging gracefully, not to avoid the pass of the time or refuse the idea to experiment changes in your body. Nowadays, the Laser Skin Treatments have provided solutions to little details about aging that will give you a refreshed look in your image.

What is Laser Treatment?

    The term laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (Amplification of light by stimulated emission of radiation). Specifically, it is a beam of light that is sent to objectives such as:

    • The water in the cells.

    • The melanin, a pigment that protects the skin against the sun's rays.

    • The hemoglobin, one of the main blood molecules. The energy of the laser modifies the structure of the objective when heating it, coagulating it or destroying it. The body responds by regenerating itself: some cells are renewed, and then, they produce more collagen and fibroblasts, molecules that provide firmness and elasticity to the skin.

Why using Laser Treatments?

    Lasers are more used by women over 40 who wish to mitigate the effects of time, such as fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and skin flaccidity - on their face, neck or the back of their hands. Know that there is no age limit to use the laser.

    However, our skin’s condition is different throughout our lives, so it’s necessary that you evaluate it with a dermatologist before getting involved in this procedure. Some lasers are particularly recommended if aging is important on the skin, especially for people with a clear skin who have suffered the effects of the sun. Through the regeneration process performed, the laser allows the face to have more homogeneity and firmness. It also gets rid of its small imperfections such as rosacea or spots.

    Laser Skin Treatments deal with situations such as the marks of time and the consequences of certain habits such as exposing us to the sun and the cigarette. There are not unique or magic treatments for this purpose.

However, the use of lasers allows smoothing the skin by:

    • Closing the pores.

    • Blurring and even removing spots.

    • Tweaking the texture of the skin.

    • Diminishing expression lines, superficial and deep wrinkles.

    • Giving luminosity to the tone of the skin.

    • Cleaning the skin of undesired stains.

   • Fighting cutaneous flaccidity.

Are all Facial Laser the same?

    • Conventional Laser: Also known as resurfacing laser, it touches the entire skin of the area to be treated in a single session. It works in many levels burning the epidermis superficially and heating the dermis, this supposes the production of collagen, the molecule responsible for the firmness of the skin. The conventional lasers used are CO2 and Erbium.

    • Fractional laser: Fractional laser, as the name suggests, divides its action: it does not touch all the areas to be treated but leaves skin intervals between its objectives. In this manner, it limits the risk of complications and allows faster healing. Fractional lasers are divided into two categories: - Non-ablative lasers: they don’t touch the superficial layer of the epidermis. Rather they act in depth by heating and causing a stimulation of collagen production. - Ablative lasers: combine the elimination of the surface of the epidermis and the heating of the dermis. Today there are CO2 and Erbium lasers with fractional action.

    • Pulsed light laser: These lasers stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two molecules that ensure the firmness and elasticity of the skin. They allow skin remodeling and eliminate age spots. Know that laser treatments don’t require mandatory preparation before sessions. However, some dermatologists recommend sun protection during the two weeks before treatment to give rest to the cells that produce melanin and prevent hyperpigmentation after treatment.

The development of the sessions:

    The sessions last from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the area to be treated. A local or sometimes general anesthesia is necessary depending on the type of laser. This treatment can be painful. After the laser session Know that the conventional CO2 laser treatments are especially heavy, so people use them less each day. They not only require general anesthesia, but also often cause a work stoppage of a few days. The scarring of the entire face lasts at least two weeks and the redness may persist for 2 to 3 months. Sun exposure is prohibited for almost 6 months! For fractionated CO2 lasers, insulation is recommended for 5 to 7 days.

    The dermatologist or cosmetic doctor will recommend the application of a healing cream that follows these qualities:

    • With rich texture at the beginning to remove the crusts that may appear at times (depending on the type of laser chosen).

    • Lighter since the disappearance of the scabs and during all the time the redness lasts. For other fractional lasers and pulsed light, it is not necessary to isolate because there will only be a little redness. It is relieved by the application of a healing cream with a light texture, recommended by the dermatologist or aesthetic doctor.

    Finally, in case of treatment of rosacea and other imperfections, the cosmetic doctor can also recommend a soothing healing cream applied for 2-3 days to help relieve the skin and reduce inflammation and redness.

    Remember that it’s essential to follow the advice of your dermatologist or esthetic doctor before, during and after receiving a laser treatment. Our team will provide you all the information and confidence you need to get the most out of your beauty in a healthy and non-invasive way with all our different procedures, always reminding you that you are already awesome and beautiful!


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